Portola Expedition First on the Central Coast

Portola Trek our first European Visitors?  There is tantalizing evidence that Gaspar de Portola’s expedition in 1769–1770 may not have been the first Europeans to explore California’s Central Coast.  Read more by following the link below.

Portola Trek Our First European Visitors 9-10-17

The Gaviota Wind Caves

Gaviota-Wind-Caves-10Of all the sights to see and places to visit on our Central Coast, few are more unique and
more of a challenge to access than the Gaviota Wind Caves atop the Santa Ynez
Mountains in Gaviota State Park.
If you are willing to undertake a difficult climb up the steep, rocky trail that leads to the
caves, you will behold some of the most amazing displays of natural beauty you have
ever seen.
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